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Kumar And Sons Company established in December 2007 and sell specially desining handcrafted Indian clothes, which is called Chican work.

The delicate art of embroidery traditionally practiced in the city of Lucknow, India and it’s environs is known as ‘Chikankari’. The name ‘chikan’ seems to have been derived from the Persian word, either ‘Chikan’, ‘Chikin’ or ‘Chikeen’.

It means a kind of cloth wrought with needle–work. Although it originated as a court craft, today it is a practiced tradition and an important commercial activity.

Chikan work has a very light, gossamer – like quality. This makes it very suitable for the seemingly hot climate of the northern plain region.

It can be assumed that Chikankari, using sheer fabrics evolved as a logical answer to the problem of keeping cool and also providing adornment and beauty to one’s person or in the surroundings.

The light chikan tops are perfect for summer wear. Men prefer to wear their chikan kurtas during summer evenings.

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